Fee Schedule

All initial consultations are free.

Personal Injury: Free initial consultation. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. Costs are advanced by the firm and will only be reimbursed if there is a recovery made. Thirty-three and one third percent (33 1/3%) will be charged on any recovery obtained.

Workers Compensation: Twenty percent (20%) of wage benefits beginning from the time of the first hearing before the Workers Compensation Judge.

Hourly Fee: $225.00 per hour. Billed monthly on a time-expended basis.

Real Estate:
Real Estate Purchase - $500.00 Attorney Representation Fee.
Agreement of Sale - $250.00 (Flat Fee)
Deed - $150.00 (Flat Fee), plus costs
Deed (commercial) - $250.00 (Flat Fee), plus costs
Judgment Note (residential) - $150.00 (Flat Fee)
Judgment Note (commercial) - $250.00 (Flat Fee)
Lease (Residential) - $250.00 (Flat Fee)
Lease (Commercial) - $500.00 (Flat Fee)
Mortgage and Note - $250.00 (Flat Fee), plus costs
Mortgage and Note (commercial) $500, plus costs
Mortgage Release / Satisfaction - $150.00 (Flat Fee), plus costs

Estate Planning and Administration:
Will - $250.00 (Flat Fee)
Living Will - $150.00 (Flat Fee)
Power of Attorney - $250.00 (Flat Fee)
Life Estate Agreement - $250.00 (Flat Fee)
Pre-Nuptial Agreement - $500.00 (Flat Fee)
There are also discounts for multiple estate planning documents.
Estate Administration: 3% of the value of the Estate

Business Incorporations:
Incorporation - $500.00 (Flat Fee), plus costs
Fictitious Name Registration - $150.00 (Flat Fee), plus costs
Dissolution - $500.00 (Flat Fee), plus costs
Corporate Book Maintenance - $250.00 per year
General Coroprate Agreements (Including buy/sell agreement) - $500.00 (Flat Fee)
All other necessary corporate work will be handled on an hourly basis or as agreed between myself and the client.